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Our goal is to offer free access to all Adimuse features so that everyone, regardless of their financial means, can access the pleasure of playing an instrument.

Thus, the free offer gives access to all the features of the application.

But the providing such a tool involves costs, to which we invite you to contribute according to your means and the interest you have in the tool.

Paid offers allow you to support the Adimuse project and to benefit from a larger storage space. This will allow you to record more soundtracks or videos of your performances, and to store more images to personalise your karaoke.

To support the Adimuse project

Free access to all Adimuse features
2.99 /month
For sustained use
5.98 /month
For the most demanding
Disk space included : 10 MoDisk space included : 1 GoDisk space included : 10 Go
Additional disk space option
- Up to 10 Go
Additional disk space option
- Up to 1 To

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