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Adimuse application

  • Adimuse/Explorer

    Adimuse - Adimuse/Explorer
    Manage your scores,
    folders and groups
    Manage your scores,
    folders and groups

    Adimuse/Explorer is the entry point into the Adimuse application. It allows you to access all modules.

    With Adimuse/Exploreur you can manage your scores :

    • Browse your list of scores,
    • Open a score,
    • Create new score,
    • Classify your scores into folders and work groups,
    • Move, rename or delete your partitions, folders and work groups,
    • Manage access rights to your work groups.

    It is also in this module that you consult and modify your personal data.

  • Adimuse/Scores

    Adimuse - Adimuse/Scores
    Edit, annotate and listen
    to your scores
    Edit, annotate and listen
    to your scores

    Scores is the partition editing module. It is accessed from the Adimuse/Explorer module by opening a partition document.

    • Viewing a score :
      • View a score,
      • Print a score,
      • Export a score to PDF or MIDI format.
    • Editing a score :
      • Modify a score,
      • Add a voice,
      • Transpose a score,
      • Error detection: The application shows you input errors : rhythm errors, repeats, ...
    • Play a score :
      • Listen to all voices or a selection of voices,
      • Activate/deactivate synchronized metronome on your score,
      • Follow the cursor on the score,
      • Annotate your score,
      • Memorize the zones to work on to play them again in a loop.
    • Karaoke mode :
      • Add/edit text,
      • Define sequences (verses, choruses, interludes, ...),
      • Define text display parameters (font, colour, background image, ...),
      • Play the song in Karaoke mode.
    • Record yourself :
      • Record yourself in audio or video,
      • Synchronised recordings: Record each voice separately, for final assembly you have files perfectly synchronised to the beginning of your song.
  • Adimuse/Search

    Adimuse - Adimuse/Search
    Search for scores
    in all Adimuse
    Search for scores
    in all Adimuse

    Looking for a specific score ? Open the partition search module :

    • Search for a partition
      • Search for a partition in your files,
      • Search for scores in all Adimuse,
      • Sort scores by novelty, popularity, trend.
    • You like a score ?
      • Open it to listen to it or print it,
      • Import it into your scores to find it more easily,
      • Like it to let others know it's interesting.

Get informed

  • Instruments

    Adimuse - Instruments
    Find practical information about instruments
    Find practical information about instruments

    The instrument module provides practical information on all instruments :

    • Operation,
    • How to tune your instrument,
    • Maintenance of your instrument,
    • History.

    It is also an interactive module where you can indicate the grades you have mastered. This information will be used in the different modules to :

    • Allow you to display only unmastered fingerings when editing a score,
    • Submit only the notes mastered in the exercise applications (note reading, musical dictation, ...).



  • Support

    Adimuse - Support
    The Adimuse team answers you
    The Adimuse team answers you

    Listening to our customers to offer you the best is our priority. The Support module is the ideal place to give us your feedback :

    • A question ?
    • A wish for improvement ?
    • An incident ?
    • Our team is at your disposal and is committed to answering you as soon as possible.
  • Abuse

    Adimuse - Abuse
    Respect others
    Respect others

    If we are in favour of music being shared by as many people as possible, it should be done in strict compliance with copyright. It is essential that those who give us emotions can continue to do so for a long time.

    Respect for others also means refraining from any comments that are defamatory, contrary to public decency or against public order.

    We are very sensitive to these rules of good manners and call on the entire Adimuse community to ensure that the platform is a place of rich exchange and respect for everyone. We are therefore counting on everyone's vigilance to report any violation, or suspicion of violation, of these rules.