Adimuse : Learning music with the right tools


Putting yourself in the right conditions

    Music calls out to us, moves us, reassures us, brings us together and opens us up to others. Who has never sung a song to express their mood, to share their emotions ? Who has never dreamed of playing an instrument ?

    From dream to reality there is only one step, the success of which depends mainly on pleasure : those who take pleasure in playing, progress more quickly and pass the stages with ease.

    So how can we help the novice musician to find pleasure quickly and put all the chances on his side? Three points seem important to us :

    • Choosing the right instrument. Wind and percussion are easier to get to grips with than piano, guitar or violin, and there's sure to be one that suits your character. Take time to explore the instruments before choosing.
    • Surround yourself with right people. No tool can replace a teacher who can guide you and give you the right postures and reflexes. So don't hesitate to turn to a music school, a teacher or a musician friend who will give you a head start.
    • Getting the right equipment. In addition, a well adapted tool will be a precious ally. Adimuse has been designed to make your first steps easier by simplifying the reading of scores.

Why choose Adimuse ?

    Adimuse is based on a set of disengageable features that will allow you to play your first song without any knowledge of music theory.

    As you progress, you will be able to deactivate these options and gradually become a seasoned musician.

    Here are some of the features you will appreciate :

    • Fingering display (wind instruments) :
      Find fingerings of notes you have not yet mastered on the score, then hide them as you progress,
    • Time-proportional display makes it easier to learn the rhythm :
      Cursor scrolls at a constant speed, allowing you to better understand rhythm,
    • Pulse display helps to find the rhythm :
      Once the time-proportional display is deactivated, this other feature makes the transition to the deep end easier,
    • Precautionary accidentals explicitly indicate the accidentals (sharps, flats and dashes) to be applied to each note, regardless of their origin (key signature, previous accidental in the same bar, etc.),
    • Metronome built into the player matches the rhythm of the song. It integrates rhythm variations, organ points and break points, ...,
    • Zooms : work on the difficult parts of the song in a loop,
    • Annotations : take notes on points of vigilance given by your teacher,
    • Auxiliary applications offer you different types of exercises (note dictation, note reading, etc.).

Adimuse : Learning music with the right tools

Adimuse : Learning music with the right tools

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